Tuesday, March 23, 2010

A Mountaineer Soon To Be

In just three short months my husband and I will be leaving our sweet South Carolina home to become WVU Mountaineers. (D will actually be the official Mountaineer, I will just be the support.) It is with many mixed emotions that we make this move. D's thoughts are much more logical than mine: where will we live, what kind of job will I get, how much work will he have to do.  I am much more preoccupied with the fact that we are moving to the NORTH! Forget all the logical worries about a house and a job!

OK...OK, I realize that technically Morgantown is south of the Mason Dixon line (by 10 miles maybe). However, they don't say ya'll and they don't drink sweet tea. Those two things alone define it as the North. On our most recent trip I was talking to the guy in the music department of Barnes and Noble. After several minutes of conversation, he very politely asked me where I was from because he said I had such a great Southern accent. WHAT? If I Motown were truly in the South my accent wouldn't be great, it would be normal!

What have I gotten myself into? If I am going to be a true Mountaineer I need to know a little about this new home of mine. After some research here's a little history lesson...West Virgina was one of 2 states to form during the Civil War, along with Nevada. It is the only state to have formed by seceding from a Confederate State. West Virginia separated from Virginia and was admitted into the Union in 1863 as an official new state. South of the Mason Dixon Line or not, doesn't sound like the south to me.

Regardless, I have so far not met a West Virginian that wasn't a kind and gracious host to me in my navigation of this new adventure. Additionally, I have been overwhelmed with the beauty of the landscape. While I am reluctant to accept my departure from SC, I eagerly await our WV future.


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  1. We eagerly await to hear all about your WV future via this great new blog! So glad we found it!