Monday, June 28, 2010

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

I can't believe that in 2 weeks I will be living slightly south of this famous, dividing line between the North and the South. Thus begins the journey of this Southern Belle in the not so Southern, West Virginia.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Sometimes a Sign

Music has been a huge part of my life since I can remember. I am not the most musically gifted person in terms of playing instruments, but I LOVE great music and can call a song to mind for almost any occasion. For me to have such an appreciation of music and lyrics, I believe that my parents have been playing music for me since before I was born. So it is no surprise that every big decision or turning point in my life can be accompanied by a song that either I have found or my father has found for me. This move to WV is no different.

DH and I were set to leave yesterday morning to head back to WV for the weekend. Unfortunately there were a few minor things that needed to be taken care of before our weekend excursion...The lawn needed to be mowed, so I donned my grass cutting gear (I - Pod, sunscreen and shades) and set out to tackle this feat. As I was grooving along to the shuffle on my I-pod, I was serenaded by Lyle Lovett. As I started to listen more carefully I realized the song was truly singing to me. It was a sign. I'm not sure I could say it better myself, so I will let Lyle:

Pack the sofa
And pack the old arm chair
Tell the china
To ask the silverware
To pray we find that
They speak the language there
And say good-bye to Carolina

Go west young man while you still can
Before you're old and gray
Go west and make a better life
Than you could if you stayed
So tell your family

And tell your friends good-bye
Say you'll write them
And keep them on your mind
And say you'll see them
Whenever someone dies
And say good-bye to Carolina

We will just pretend that "Go West young man" implies West Virginia and that we will definitley see our Carolina friends and family more than when someone dies. Regardless of those things, this song was a sign since I was offered the position of Program Coordinator for the Health Sciences Technology Acadamy at WVU about an hour after my yard work concluded.
Funny how things work out...
Thanks Lyle!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

We Have a Plan...Sort of?

It is shocking to most people that know me that I was in such a state of limbo for so long. However, some of that limbo has been replaced by a small inkling of a plan. The house is currently under contract and set to close sometime around the 1st of August. With that one puzzle piece set into place, DH and I set several other pieces in place as well.

Since the house is on track to be sold we will go ahead and make the move to the great state of West Virginia. I still don't have a job, but am patiently waiting to hear about a job I interviewed for last week (Who am I kidding...I am not sure patient is the right word!). We will begin the packing process and shoot for moving sometime around the end of July. Where we will move in Morgantown has yet to be decided. We are still looking at houses and hope to have something in place by August. (We realize with lending the way it is currently, it will be more like the middle of August. But, we will figure something out.) Our wonderful realtor has been combing the listings and has put together a list of houses for us to look at this weekend. Hopefully, one of those listings is our future home.

Since we have been lacking in any plan for so long, this small piece of a plan is so exciting! We are thrilled that something finally worked out and our West Virginia future looks more certain now than it did several months ago.

More to come on our job

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Birthday Fun!

No birthday for me would be complete without a trip to my all time favorite place...Charleston. DH (Da didn't stick, turns out my sweet husband hated that nickname) and I loaded the car and headed down to the steamy Lowcountry for the day. Could it have been a more perfect birthday? Lunch at Poes, Spoleto festival downtown, King street shopping! So great.

My birthday celebration did not end on Friday, I got to have a birthday weekend. Saturday we spent the afternoon with DH's family for a special request birthday dinner: Cubed Steak with golden mushroom gravy, creamed corn, fried okra, speckled butter beans, homemade biscuits, and all topped off with a Strawberry Cream Cheese Birthday cake. YUM!! So much for my diet! All those extra calories were worth it since I got to spend the day with my two nieces and the rest of DH's family.

To end my weekend long birthday celebration, Megann made the trip from Al and arrived Monday morning! So wonderful to get to see her. Great birthday present!!


If there is another, more perfect word to describe our life right now, I just haven't found it. I wish I could say that our "limbo" reffered to the fun dance centered on shimmying under a low placed bar, but DH and I sadly are not dancing that dance. We are, however, dancing the uncertainty dance. Not nearly as much fun!

In one week I am interviewing for a program coordinator position at HSTA ( After that interview we hope to have a better idea of what the future will hold for us.

Other than that, here's how everything stands right now:

1. The house has not sold.
2. DH doesn't have a job here (in SC) next year.
3. I don't have a job in WV for next year.
4. Although, I have several job offers here for next year, nothing is concrete yet.
5. DH needs to be in WV in July to begin full time school.

As we go through all the options in front of us, we still have not come up with a solution as there are so many unknowns right now. We are getting alot of questions like "what is your next step?"; "what will you do next?"; and my favorite "what's your plan?" . Right now we don't know what our next step is and we don't know what we will do next, and we just don't have a plan. So thank you very much for asking, but I can't give you any other answer but that. Please don't look at me like I am crazy and that you can't believe I (of all people) don't have a plan. There are just too many variables and too many unknowns right now.

So again, thank you for your support and believe me when I say that I will be shouting from the roof tops as soon as we have a plan, since the limbo is not something I do well.