Wednesday, June 23, 2010

We Have a Plan...Sort of?

It is shocking to most people that know me that I was in such a state of limbo for so long. However, some of that limbo has been replaced by a small inkling of a plan. The house is currently under contract and set to close sometime around the 1st of August. With that one puzzle piece set into place, DH and I set several other pieces in place as well.

Since the house is on track to be sold we will go ahead and make the move to the great state of West Virginia. I still don't have a job, but am patiently waiting to hear about a job I interviewed for last week (Who am I kidding...I am not sure patient is the right word!). We will begin the packing process and shoot for moving sometime around the end of July. Where we will move in Morgantown has yet to be decided. We are still looking at houses and hope to have something in place by August. (We realize with lending the way it is currently, it will be more like the middle of August. But, we will figure something out.) Our wonderful realtor has been combing the listings and has put together a list of houses for us to look at this weekend. Hopefully, one of those listings is our future home.

Since we have been lacking in any plan for so long, this small piece of a plan is so exciting! We are thrilled that something finally worked out and our West Virginia future looks more certain now than it did several months ago.

More to come on our job

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