Saturday, March 27, 2010

Spring Break in Texas

As Spring Break begins, I find myself in the great state of Texas. Houston, TX is home to all of my immediate family and anytime I get to spend a few days here it feels like a vacation. Spring is in full bloom and the air is thick with pollen and wonderful springtime blooms.

My parents moved to Houston 3 years ago from their home in Little Rock, AR and my brother and sister in law ended up here shortly after my brother worked in Houston in a consutling position. Coincidentally, my parents and brother both settled in Houston while D and I stayed in South Carolina at PC. Since we get together so infrequently it is always a great time when we all get to spend time together over dinner.

While I enjoy cooking and enjoy finding different things to cook, my brother takes the joy of cooking to another level. He continues to impress all of us with his amazing culinary creations. Tonight was no exception. As I enjoyed meeting the newest addition to his family, Gray the boxer, my brother worked on his latest delectable dinner of pan sauteed Halibut with a Meyer lemon aioli and Morel mushroom and asparagus salad. WOW!

Dinner was exceptional and the company was even better. As the Mountaineers of WVU made it to the Final Four, we wined and dined and took a few family pics. Sadly, D was not able to join me on this visit and so is sorely missed in these photos.


  1. Looks like y'all had a great time. I wish I could be there.


  2. Love your pictures! So glad u got to spend some quality time with your family! Good Luck with your move! Ann Turgeon

  3. So great to have you in Texas! Hope you and D can make it back this summer.