Monday, July 12, 2010


The time has come for me to say goodbye to my Carolina home and I am at a loss for words. I knew that this would not be easy, but it has been so long in the making that I really thought it would never happen. I leave tomorrow to begin my West Virginia adventure. Although I will be without DH and without a permanent home (I will be calling a dorm my home for 2 weeks), we are hopeful that this is only a temporary and minor speed bump on this crazy ride.

Words cannot describe the emotions that fill me tonight as I prepare to leave in the morning. South Carolina has been my home, my refuge, and my perfect Southern state. Not to mention the place I met my husband, married him and eventually settled into our first home. It is because of all those reasons and so many more that this move is particularly difficult.

So, farewell to my Carolina. And farewell to all the wonderful friends I have met while I have been here. You have held me up in some of the most trying days of my adult life. Without your friendship and support I could have never made it to this point.

As I left my sweetest neighbors tonight Miss Kat sang me this song:

Tho' goodbye means the birth of a tear drop, 

Hello means the birth of a smile. 
And the smile will erase the tear blighting trace, 
When we meet in the after awhile.
Ev'ry tear will be a memory 
So wait and pray each night for me 
Till we meet again.

Though this song was originally intended for lovers facing separation due to the first World War, the meaning still rings true... We will meet again and this is definitely not goodbye. My WV porch will always be waiting for your company at the close of the day. 

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